The father of Reddit user wnx_ch had a dream ever since moving into his house years ago. There was something he really wanted to build. The family lives in a chalet in Switzerland, and as if living in that beautiful country doesn’t make me jealous enough, wait til you see what this guy and his father did over a 9 month period to make that dream come true. Check out the process below, from start to epic finish.

They started by digging a hole into a dirt slope beside their house.

Then they started building with some wooden planks and concrete. They had to let it dry for a week.

Coming along nicely, but what is this thing? 😉

They added a second layer with some steel for stability and some holes and pipes for the rain water.

They bought the rest of the stuff they needed, weighing in at 880 pounds. Whoa.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

They built the arc for this fantastic creation on the ground before applying it to the structure.

Any idea what it is yet?

It needs ventilation, so that should narrow it down quite a bit.

Yes… it is what you think it is.

But at this point, winter was coming so they had to take a few months off.

In the meantime, they used LEGO to continue working on the design.

Seriously, LEGO is awesome.

Finally, in April they continued the building process.

I assume you know what this is by now. (Hint: it’s not a weird dog house)

They built the wooden tiles for the roof.

And stained them to look gorgeous.

And here it is, the finished result…

An AWESOME pizza oven.

With pizza!

Double mmmm.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I say we all head to Switzerland for a pizza party at this guy’s house. It looks amazing, both the oven and the pizza. Share this incredible DIY project with others below. And have some pizza while you’re at it.

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